Shift-Map Image Editing Object Rearrangement (also known as "Reshuffling")
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Hover with the mouse over the Shift-Map results to see the constraints on the output

Object rearrangement consists of moving an object to a new image location, or deleting part of the image, while keeping some of the content of the image unchanged. The user selects a region to move, and specifies the location at which the selected region will be placed. A new image is generated satisfying this constraint.

Object rearrangement is specified in two constraints in the shift-map formulation. One forces pixels to appear in a new location (marked in red or in green when the location doesn't change, hover with the mouse over the Shift-Map result to see the constraints on the output) and the second marks these pixels for removal from their original location to avoid their duplication in the output

Here is a comparison of our method with the Patch-Transofrm method (see reference below):

Input Image

Patch-Transform Result

Shift-Map Result

In this example we have also added a constraint to remove one of the objects in the input: